LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream Ultralight


The all new LA’SOULGOLD – QQ Cream will amp up your skin’s natural glow and blend seamlessly with your skin. With potent formula such as Hippophae Rhamnoides fruit extract (Seabuckthorn) it is now giving you the benefits of both world – skin treatment and makeup at the same time. It is antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, uv protection with SPF 50/PA +++ and even protect the skin from environmental damage (uv light and others). Prevent tired and dull skin as well as improve uneven skin tone. You’re going to love the smooth, silky coat & even-toned glow. Gives you a long-lasting make up and naturally radiant skin that lasts all day.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum UV protection
  • Replenish moisture
  • Skin treatment and makeup properties in one tube
  • Reduce dark spots and uneven skin tones
  • Minimize pores
  • Cell regenerating
  • Youth, glowing and radiant skin
  • Improves skin texture

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Hippophae Rhamnoides
Which also known as super-fruits that contain a lot of nutrients that benefits the skin and health of human. It can regenerate cell potently and maintain the youth of skin. The anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-microbial properties can protect skin from damage. It also stimulate the formation of new cells and skin metabolic process to reduce formation of degenerate skin cells, which create smooth and glowing skin.

Chamomile flower extract
Chamomile flower extract is a natural ingredients that can boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, moisturizing and inhibit the growth of bacteria. This is suitable to be used by acne skin because it is non-acnegenic, and chamomile extract can help to reduce redness and blemishes as well.

Rosemary extract
Rosemary extract can acts as anti-inflammatory agent which can heal and soothe the skin. It can help to protect the skin from damage which often caused by sun and free radicals. It also moisturize, maintain the elasticity of skin, and minimize pores which can give an instant smooth and pore-less skin after applied the QQ cream.

Arbutin is an organic compound that derived from berries which have sun protection properties thst protect the skin from damage by sunlight. It also inhibits pigmentation process of skin, which can lightens dark spots and lessen appearance of acne scars. It also improve uneven skin tone which brighten and even the skin tone.

Adenosine is a yeast derived ingredient that functions as soothing and restoring agent. It has the ability to energize the skin’s surface, which can bring the anti-wrinkle benefits to skin and make it looks smoother and younger.

1. Put appropriate amount of QQ cream on your finger and put on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
2. Pat the cream in to your skin gently.
3. Gently blend it outwards and pat around eye area.
4. Dab extra on to cover imperfections.

Frequent asked questions:

1. Why should I apply LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream?

Right skin care can help to maintain the health and vitality of skin condition persistency and lower risk skin cancer. LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream gives you the benefits of skin treatment and make up at the same time, to make sure your skin can healthy and beautiful from inside-out.

2. It the LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream suitable to everyone?

Yes. Everyone is suitable to use LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream everyday, from the perspective of protecting skin, it acts as a layer of protective effect, form a natural skin surface to protect your skin, while isolated from computer radiation, dirty air, pollutants and more. Besides, it is dermatologist tested which is non-acnegenic, suitable to be used by acne prone skin type person as well.

3. Shall I apply sunscreen again after LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream?

No, you don’t need to do that as LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream containing sunscreen SPF 50 and PA+++ which is enough for daily UV protection. For outdoor activities, it is recommended that to apply LA’SOULGOLD QQ Cream 30 minutes before going out. It can effectively resist UV light and protect your skin.