“Since 2003, we had one mission which is to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. That is still the purpose that drives us.”

Father of Seabuckthorn

SNE is the founding father of the seabuckthorn

SNE was founded by great minds who believe in the potential of a specific fruit, the mystical Mongolian “seabuckthorn” fruit, and become the “Founding Father of Seabuckthorn” to bring seabuckthorn fruit to a global marketplace.

Under Dato Lawrence Low’s visionary leadership, SNE has become a force in Multi Level Marketing of succeeding in a system which is clear and simple on achieving unlimited success. With his unique vision to start rolling in the first SNE capsule, it has created one of the fastest growing brands in Malaysia. SNE capsule achieved status as one of the most recognized health care in the industry with over a billion in sales.

SNE became a story of unprecedented success and innovation in direct sales, setting new standards for distributor compensation, communications and the use of new “Seabuckthorn” technology.

We aim in building a global organization dedicated to improve the quality of life worldwide. With more than 1 million consumer testimonials on the life changing effect of this wonderous fruit, SNE envision on sharing this unique seabuckthorn with alike minds of its goodness with the law of compensation. SNE operates in 4 countries with multiple distribution centres serving millions of distributors and customers alike.

The Technology

Working closely with the world’s healthcare leaders to bring you the best solutions. Our partner allows us to access best in class products and services as well as product innovation which ensures that we are always well positioned to offer the best products and services to your health. Our partners training support guarantees that our team knowledge is always up to date ensuring our leader’s support to you is never compromised.

The Technology Partnerships which SNE has developed are vital to our business and produce outstanding results for our clients. We work with the best companies in the sector providing an unparalleled level of products across our range of solutions. Best in class solutions are implemented through close working relationships with our partners giving our clients the best products.

“Our groundbreaking products and a new approach to entrepreneurship shapes lives of millions of Malaysians.”

Life Richly Lived

With a variety of product to choose from, SNE is dedicated to introduce new solutions to the market from time to time in addition to those we sell today. This is the result of our relentless pursuit of new, innovative ideas to help improve your life. Whether an advancement in one of our existing products, or something entirely new, these products are always the best for you.

Every product has been developed and manufactured to stand out from the competition. Each must be superior in a very clear and relevant way to the products you might otherwise use. That means they are researched, refined and scrutinized before they ever go to market.

Company Director Board

Dato Lawrence Low

Executive Director

Dato Lawrence Low graduated from University of South Australia with Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. He is a registered pharmacist by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia with more than 3 years of experience in the local and overseas pharmaceutical before joining SNE Marketing Sdn Bhd in 2005.

He began his journey as a Business Development Manager cum Nutritionist and was appointed to the Executive Director in 2007 due to his excellent performance.

His leadership has proven successful in implementing new and innovative marketing strategy in expanding the business namely in marketing activations, branding, strategies and business acumens.

A dynamic leader whose vision and mission path ways to new generations of members to strive in this business where he believes that enriching and empowering members will bring success to the business.

Dato Seri Barry Low

Managing Director

Dato Seri Barry Low is the Chairman and founder of SNE Marketing Sdn Bhd. He has a long association with Multi-Level Marketing business, given the family’s interests in entrepreneur for more than 30 years.

He serves as:

1. President of SNE Marketing Sdn Bhd

2. Director of SNE Universal Holding Sdn Bhd

3. Director of PT SNE Herbal Indonesia

Mr SY Lau

Vice President

Mr Lau See Yoong (SY Lau), graduated from University Science with Bachelor of Science majoring in Economic Development Studies & Management. Upon his graduation, he joined a Taiwanese MLM company as an instructor specialist in coaching and mentoring seminar in Taiwan. He expertise expand into consultation and training services for companies abroad such as Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand and China.

He was invited to join SNE as a General Manager in 2003 by Dato Seri Barry Low and was quickly promoted to the Vice President in 2007. His contribution to SNE has been recognized by Asian Pacific Direct Selling Forum (APDSF) and was awarded The Asian Pacific Outstanding System Award for his introduction of “SNE 532 Steering System”.

Our Vision

To become Malaysia’s leading entrepreneur opportunity platform which our leaders
and members can grow together with the company.

Our Values

  • We innovate world class standard products.
  • We think customer first.
  • We are to provide top healthcare and beauty products at a cost-effective manner.
  • We are the reason for the leaders to believe that SNE is their way to success.

Our Shared Commitment

  • Think like a customer by providing legendary experiences and trusted product.
  • A business owner lead with integrity to drive business results and contribute to the community.
  • Innovate with purpose that drives our leaders and members.
  • Develop our colleagues by embracing diversity and empowering all staff members.