AcneNoMore Repairing Cream


AcneNoMore Repairing Cream is very mild, gently smooth acne damaged skin with Tea Tree Oil Extract. It has the property to moisten skin, especially for skin that often exposed to sunlight. It stimulates the recovery of cells destroyed by acne and helps in restructure skin. The AcneNoMore Repairing Cream effectively diminishes scar and speedy recovering process. It removes excessive sebum, restraints and smooth acnes, eliminate the root of acnes.

Key Benefits

  • Soothing
  • Pore care
  • Skin repairing

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- Squalane (Olive): acts as an antioxidant agent and restore cell vitality.

- Citrus Aurantium Amara extract: Acts as soothing agent and pore care.

- Tea Tree Leaf Oil: treat cutaneous infections,convergence of pores and refines pores.

Use twice daily after cleanse with AcneNoMore Clarifying Therapy Cleanser and tone with AcneNoMore Skin Purifying Toner. Apply appropriate amount of AcneNoMore Repairing Cream onto face. Apply more in acne or pimple area. Gently spread evenly and lightly until the cream fully absorbed.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

1. Should I applied the repairing cream before or after moisturizer?

The repairing cream is applied before the moisturizer, after your toner. You can apply more on blemishes area or spot after first later of applying.

2. Will it caused pain when applying on blemishes area or spot?

No, it will not. You will feel cooling effect when applying on face as it will soothe the pain and heal your blemishes.

3. How long is the usage duration for one repairing cream?

It can last for 2-3 months, may vary depends of personal usage amount.