60 sachets x 2.5g

A Healthier Tomorrow

Unique & an award-winning formula utilizing bioactive enzyme, polysaccharide & the Patented Momordica Charantia Poly Peptide that enhances the body through regulating, stabilizing and lowering blood glucose level.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce sugar blood up to 53%
  • Reduce body weight in 4 weeks
  • Reduce HbA1c reading up to 38%
  • Reduce cholesterol up to 36%
  • Reduce triglyceride up to 39%
  • Muscle formation in 6 weeks

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KKM, Taiwan THIDA halal, ISO, HACCP, TQF

- 12 patents in 9 countries
- Taiwan National Invention and Creation Reward
- 2016 Nuremberg Invention Award (Germany)
- 2017 Swiss Geneva Gold Award (Switzerland)
- 2017 Pittsburg Invention Award (USA)

Lactose, Tea Complex Powder, Bitter Melon Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Fermented Fruits and Vegetables Complex, Acerola Cherry Extract

60 sachets/box

2 sachets daily, with 250 – 500ml warm/cool water

Store in dry and cool place